St John & Chocolate Bay

Come Away with Us

Have you dreamed of visiting paradise? Come away with us to the Caribbean — the US Virgin Islands are the perfect location that offers uninterrupted relaxation on white-sand beaches, unbeatable scenery, authentic Caribbean cuisine, and a rich, inviting culture.

​On St John, you’ll discover a new way of life that is very easygoing and stress free.  We take time to enjoy a long walk along the beach, dance to music, and relax. Here, you can escape your busy life and live by Bobby McFerrin’s motto:  Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Come visit the Caribbean to enjoy new experiences, get to know a new and diverse culture, and spoil yourself with relaxation. Book your trip today!

With two-thirds of the island a national park you may be more inclined to enjoy nature and can partake in many of the opportunities including boat tours, scuba, snorkeling, kayaking & canoeing, Hiking, and even take in a fishing charter or tour.


Chocolate Hole

The Chocolate Hole Neighborhood is located five minutes from Cruz Bay and is one of the most inviting neighborhoods on St. John’s South Shore.   The Chocolate Hole Neighborhood includes both Hart Bay and Chocolate Hole, offering up some of the best views of the Caribbean Sea.  Both beaches have access, allowing residents and visitors to take a morning stroll on at Hart Bay Beach and watch the sun come up over the east end of St. John or sit and view the vibrant colors of the sunset from Chocolate Hold Beach. Hart Bay Beach is lined with seagrapes, palm trees, and is perfect for beachcombing for unique shells and sea glass.  There is also great snorkeling! Chocolate Hole Beach offers a beautiful view of boats in the harbor, rocky cliffs and beautiful homes, as well as a great spot for kayaking or paddleboarding.